Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

We seem to be communicating. It's in my nature to be huggy, he says; it's in his nature to be grouchy about being hugged.

Me kissing him, on the other hand, even on the cheek when enthusiastic about a bit of SQL working right, is apt to make him react violently. His main objective was to get me to stop and get me to sit back down, and not to hurt me (this upon my surprise that he hadn't punched harder). Ordinarily, if in a situation where I kissed him in a calm and normal-speed fashion, he would probably have ducked and told me "No", I'm guessing. However, having an overenthusiastic Lunatic flying at him and giving him a too-fast-to-dodge hug-and-kiss not only grouched him, but surprised him.

Hugging, he says, is OK, sort of. He says it's OK, barely, but the way he says it means it's not, quite, but he can stand it, because it's the way I am. Kissing is right out.

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