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Morning, afternoon, evening.

Came in ten-fifteen minutes after six. Wearing blue striped tank top, blue broomstick skirt, my father's old black shirt. Darkside commented on the probable state of my laundry; I explained about LotR.

Ron stopped by and treated us to a twenty-minute discourse on baseball. Evidently the Diamondbacks coach needs to stop being his team's buddy, and start being their coach. I recalled Mr. Grassi, the fencing coach. Now he was a sadistic bastard. Great guy, as a guy. Sadistic bastard, as a coach. He really knew how to get the most out of us. His team was great fun.

Determined to get my database labs as done as possible. Started in; started zooming away. Much happiness. Got to a place where I'd gotten something tricky done; I gave Darkside a very unexpected hug'n'kiss. He reacted. I reacted back. He left. I continued work on my database, sobbing. He came back. I cheered up. He went to class. I took a breather, then kept working. I took my test. I probably did well. evealone showed up at several points; he showed up again after the test. Dogs of war and all, he still gave me hugs. I continued work on LJ until just half an hour before English class, at which point I decided that my topic for the research paper was going to be on how ADHD is overdiagnosed and overmedicated in children. I completely missed the IEEE speaker thanks to the test and my attitude afterward. Drat.

Ran into Dawn. She'd called at eleven last night, in quite the state. Evidently some funky things are going down with a friend of hers, and she, being the nice and wonderful woman that she is, is always there with a friendly voice and sympathetic ear. I seem to be her friendly voice and sympathetic ear. Pain shared is pain halved, especially when I'm far-enough removed from the situation to merely wince over something that's a horrid bunch of indelicate ruckus involving police and hospitalization and other delightful instances. (Yes, being vague. No, not giving more detail.)

English class was relatively boring. I crocheted on my black lace snood thing while participating more than the people who had actually read the article.

Made a slapdash bibliography using the SIRS database to search for nifty articles on ADHD and children. Came home. votania and Nephew had been out shopping; they came home after I did, and Nephew had gotten me flowers. Yellow carnations. They're in a vase on display now. Happy Auntie.

I still need to do my laundry. Dishes are in the process of being done.

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