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more thumping

It seems that in actuality most of the interesting thumping noises emerging from the shower that Dude and I share on what appears to be a nightly basis now are things falling off the little ledges. To wit:

1 razor, triple-bladed (mine)
1 toothbrush, scruffy (mine)
1 tube toothpaste (mine)
1 bottle shampoo (his)
2 bottles conditioner (his and mine)
1 large tub Noxzema clone (mine)
1 bottle shampoo-with-conditioner (mine)
1 bar soap (shared)
1 scrubby thing on stick (technically mine, but practically shared)

To solve this problem, Dude's girlfriend and I went to Wal*Mart today and bought stuff, among which was a little shelf-thing with suction cups.

One problem:

After getting the thing set up in the bathtub all nice and pretty ...

...the cups refuse to suck.

The whole shebang came tumbling down, and stuff scattered everywhere... the head of my razor (I use Mach 3, because it was obviously designed for shaving female legs) flew beyond ten-foot-pole range...
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