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Azure Jane Lunatic
I've moved on. Please read my real journal instead: [personal profile] azurelunatic.

If you don't read offsite, azz_on_dw has a feed of public entries. Comments on the feed are unlikely to be monitored.

Private messages are off due to spam. My email provider is gmail, with the same username as here.
!!pleh, "my cocks(?) is down", #lj_support, $lj::will_not_work_without_steam_radiator, blue hair, books, chocolate-covered espresso beans, cty, cult of josh, cyteen, death swill, dendarii, diana wynne jones, diane duane, do another, dream treatments, dreamwidth, duct tape sword guys, ectogenesis, hamilton college, imperfect english, l-space, lart, library monkeys, lightsabers, liquid satan, lois mcmaster bujold, magic-geeking, mountain dew, mud cult, nevermore, note_to_, occult, phighting collective phail, r.e.m., reading, river water, s.oteri, science fiction, sith academy, sithjawa, slash, stargaet, sugar high, supporting my abuse nazi friends, sword and sorceress, talented yeeth, the goddess brew, there is no conspiracy, they might be giants, tits against the rte, to annoy and confuse, writing bug-free english, yeeth